Umoja’s focus on our outreach work continues to be paramount to our philosophy.

Community Arts Trust provides an umbrella under which all of Umoja Music School’s outreach programs and initiatives are housed.

Umoja Music School (UMS) and Community Arts Trust (CAT) work hand-in-hand, sharing staff and faculty and providing opportunities for students and projects of both entities to overlap and collaborate on a regular basis

Umoja Ensemble

Umoja Ensemble is a traditional music ensemble operating at Albehije Primary School in Mianzini, Arusha.

Children in Umoja Ensemble learn traditional Tanzanian and pan-African songs, dances, and instrumental music as a means of developing creativity, listening skills, and critical thinking.

Umoja Ensemble participants also learn music notation and have opportunities to listen to and learn about music genres from around the world.

The ensemble is led by Umoja co-founder David Seng’enge and assisted by Umoja Arts Project teaching fellows.

CAT Kids

At Umoja we believe that the arts can enrich society and should be accessible to all.

Through Community Arts Trust (CAT), a number of need-based scholarships, as well as reduced fees for instrumental and vocal lessons, are available for children in the local community.

Currently CAT offers scholarship lessons in violin, piano, voice, guitar, ensembles, and music theory.