About Us…

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Umoja Arts Project (USA) is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit which funds and implements community arts projects on the ground both in the USA and in Tanzania. Through the following mission and objectives, we work toward our ultimate vision of making the world a better place by bringing art to people and people to art.



To play a key role in creating an artistically aware and appreciative community of people from all sectors of society regardless of age, race, gender, sexual-orientation, religion and socio-economic background. This will be done through the following objectives:

  • To shape an environment which inspires learning, creativity, freedom of expression and the gaining of new perspectives.
  • To provide holistic, high quality creative and performing arts learning opportunities¬†by offering a variety of classes and workshops and maintaining a faculty of dynamic, committed and inspiring artist educators.
  • To provide world-class performances and exhibitions of both local and international artists of many diverse genres.
  • To bring our activities and environment to individuals and groups in the greater community who would not otherwise be involved in the arts by investing in partnerships with schools and community-based organizations.
  • To enable people with career aspirations in the arts to reach new levels of artistic achievement and professionalism in their areas of expertise.
  • To develop a network of artists and arts supporters.